Bootlace Incorporated Manila based company focusing on unique and wholesome cuisine managed by
a group of young professionals sharing a common love for food and service with flair and creativity.

The name “Bootlace” was created as an acronym to comfortably
tie our company together and always put our best foot forward.
See how we made through the years
Hornsby- Bates
Matthew J Hornsby-Bates is a British chef who has been residing in the Philippines for 9 years. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, his expertise focuses on British/European cuisine. Since residing in the Philippines, he has opened his own restaurants, CargoFish and Burnt Bamboo, focusing on authentic British Fish & Chips and Filipino Freestyle Barbecue and is currently the Managing Partner. He has work through the ranks from line cook to executive positions. He has led multiple high-profile events and has handled large kitchen teams.
Matthew Lim Matthew Kenneth C. Lim is the Managing Partner of CargoFish and Burnt Bamboo under Bootlace Incorporated. He graduated at Enderun Colleges and has worked with renowned chefs in Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, a three-Michelin star restaurant in Paris. After graduating, he has worked his way up to become an Executive Sous Chef of a start-up restaurant for 4 years. Later on, he started his business in 2017 and is now managing two brands with branches in Taguig and Pasig City. Concurrently, he started his own online business, Baked by Machew, during pandemic with products also available and sold across all FamilyMart branches.


CargoFish takes the classic fish and chips experience from the UK and makes it fun for Filipinos by putting the choice in our hands. Offering a wide range of fish varieties to choose from, all coated in a light beer batter and perfectly fried with traditional methods, it’s comfort food like we’ve always known it but with a little extra—bold, new additions in the sauces, great for dipping or smothering. Whatever tickles your fancy!


CargoFish does it just right, so you can have it however your please!

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Burnt Bamboo

Burnt Bamboo creates freestyle BBQ with choice and freedom regardless of your palette – the catch? More than a hundred combinations for your BBQ! This was also intended to be fairly priced.


As chefs and foodies both Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Kenneth Lim have equally shared a common love for all things BBQ. Although both of them can agree that BBQ is life, they still had a hard time agreeing on what makes the perfect BBQ, what’s the perfect marinade, what’s the best meat or cut to grill and what works and what doesn’t. So agreeing to disagree as we set to work to create a concept that has freedom within its category. Thus, BURNT BAMBOO was born.

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  • 2021

    CargoFish Fourth Anniversary

    CargoFish Fourth Anniversary CargoFish Refurbishment

  • 2020

    CargoFish Third Anniversary

    CargoFish Third Anniversary

  • 2019

    CargoFish Second Anniversary Burnt Bamboo Uptown Mall

  • 2018

    CargoFish Uptown Mall First Anniversary CargoFish City Golf Plaza Burnt Bamboo was born

  • 2017

    CargoFish Uptown Mall was born

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